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Rovema Compression Springs

What makes Rovema compression springs the best?


Hi I’m Richard Wullkotte. I’m here to answer a question we sometimes receive - “Why are Rovema compression springs better? And why should I pay more for them?”


Those are good and reasonable questions. The answer has both technical and business angles.


First, the springs are peened - that’s the hardening process of hammering or blasting to change the metal’s characteristics and is something you don’t typically see from local manufactures.

This extends the life, increases resistance to fatigue and has been perfected for the forces a VFFS machine routinely endures...for millions of cycles.


Our springs are metric vs. imperial, and small differences here can make big differences in performance.


Operations will benefit because the seal performance is better and more consistent, and the springs last quite a while - often up to a year under normal operating conditions.


This means there are not only fewer to buy, but also less maintenance time replacing them.


It also means fewer reject packages due to weak seals on one side of the bag that results when springs wear and break.


When it’s time to replace them we recommend that you change all four springs at the same time to avoid creating inconsistent pressure across the seal.


Think of it just like replacing the headlights in your car.  When one goes, the rest are sure to follow.