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Benefits of OEM Draw Down or Transfer Belts

What makes Rovema VFFS Draw Down or Transfer Belts better?

Draw down, or transfer, belts are used throughout your Rovema vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machine to pull the film through the machine and down the fill tube.  These belts are a critical part maintaining the life span of your machine and ensuring a good quality bag that is cut to the correct length and in the correct position.  Draw down belts are used to physically pull the film through over and under rollers, around the forming collar, and down the fill tube in an intermittent or continuous motion which relieves stress from the jaws and enable quicker bag speeds.

Rovema, known for it's industry leading German engineering, created the draw down belt system currently in use by not only the Rovema VFFS machines but also most other VFFS machines in the industry.  Originally these belts lasted an average of 3 months prior to replacement but recent changes to the manufacturing of our belts are now resulting in an average of 6 months usage prior to replacement under most operating conditions.

Rovema belts are fortunate in that they can be cleaned to extend the life of the belt.  You'll be able to tell that the belt need to be replaced because you will either see slippage or registration issues that cleaning does not fix, or the core of the belt will actually be exposed.

So why buy Rovema draw down or transfer belts?  Here are a few good reasons:


1.   Linatex Material means Longer Life and Better Grip - Rovema has switched from a rubber belt to a Linatex belt.  The result is a longer life span for you which means less downtime and fewer replacements!  The old rubber material would, over time, start to wear down and ball up.  By that we mean if you rub your thumb firmly over the rubber you would see tiny rubber balls actually come off the belt.  These tiny rubber balls end up getting sucked in to the vacuum system and may eventually cause the need for replacement of your vacuum system.  The Linatex material no longer does not ball up meaning you get a better grip on your film and a longer lifespan.

2.   Molded Belts - Most draw down or transfer belts are made by taking a strip of rubber, cutting it, and splicing it together.  A spliced belt has to be run in a particular direction or the splice will fall apart and you will need to replace your belt prematurely.  With Rovema's latest draw down belt we use a molding process which means there is no splice.  You can install the belt either way and receive the long lifespan you are looking for!

3.   Extensive Research - Rovema continues to improve upon our belts which are designed specifically for your machine.  Using non-Rovema belts may result in premature wear.


We suggest changing both draw down belts at the same time to ensure that they are pulling the film evenly.  When you replace a belt, make sure to inspect it for signs of uneven ware.  Uneven wearing could indicate a much larger issue such as the alignment of the belt or fill tube being off.  If you are ever unsure, or just need a second set of eyes, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to look at pictures of the worn belts and advise as to whether we see any symptoms of potential issues.


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