VFFS Buttons, Switches, and Display

Information on buttons, switches, and displays commonly found on your Rovema Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) Bagger.

  • Main Disconnect Switch
  • Machine Ready Push-Button
  • Jog/Auto Selector Switch
  • Jog/Run Push-Button
  • Stop Push-Button
  • Emergency Stop Push-Button
  • Film Jog Push-Button
  • Zipper Single Cycle Push-Button
  • Zipper Jog Push-Button
  • Clamp Unclamp Push-Button


Buttons, Switches, and Display






  • The MAIN DISCONNECT switch turns the electrical power to the bagmaker on or off.
  • Flip this switch up to the ON position to connect electrical power to the bagmaker.
  • Flip this switch down to the OFF position to disconnect electrical power to the bagmaker.


main disconnect switch-3



  • This lighted push-button indicates the operating status of the machine.
  • When this button is lit, it indicates that the machine is ready to create bags.
  • When the button is not lit, it indicates that there is an active alarm present or the machine jog/auto
    switch is turned to jog mode.


machine int2-2


JOG/AUTO Selector Switch


  • This two position selector switch determines the bagmaker operating mode.
  • When this switch is set to the JOG position, device jogging (film feeding device or horizontal sealing
    device) can be performed.
  • When this switch is set to AUTO, automatic bag forming can be performed.


jog auto switch-1


Jog/Run Push-Button


  • The JOG/RUN push-button runs the bagmaker in the JOG or AUTO mode.
  • When the JOG/AUTO selector switch is set to JOG, press and hold the JOG/RUN push-button to jog
    the film feeding or horizontal sealing device.
  • When the JOG/AUTO selector switch is set to AUTO, press and hold for 5 seconds and release the
    JOG/RUN push-button to start automatic bag forming.


jog run button-1


STOP Push-Button


  • The STOP push-button ends automatic bag forming once the current bag has been made.
  • Press and release this push-button to end bag forming under normal circumstances.
  • There are 2 cycle stop buttons, 1 on the front and 1 on the back


stop push button-2




  • This EMERGENCY STOP push-button immediately halts bag forming regardless to whether or not the
    current bag has been made and lights up.
  • Depress this button to immediately stop all moving parts of the machine.


emergency stop-1


Jog Film Push-Button


  • The Jog film push-button runs the film roller for the zipper dancer bar.


jog film-1


Zipper Single Cycle Push-Button


  • The Zipper Single Cycle push-button runs one zipper length cycle of zipper feed and knife cycle for the


zipper single cycle-1


Jog Zipper Push-Button


  • The Jog Zipper push-button runs the zipper rollers as long as you hold the push-button in.
  • This is used if the operator wants to check the zipper rollers and guide for proper operation.


jog zipper-1


Clamp Unclamp Push-Button


  • The Clamp Unclamp Push-button clamps the splice table clamp if the operator pushes the button in.
  • If the machine runs out of the film the splice table automatically clamps the film.
  • The Clamp Unclamp push-button is used to unclamp the splice table after the splice is made.


clamp unclamp button-1


Main Display touchscreen


main display-1


Main Display Touchscreen



touchscreen controls2-1


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