Worksheets, forms and more

We're thrilled you're here! There's plenty of chitter chatter about OEE, but the actual pitter patter of getting to work is a bit less common. So you're taking important steps to put your operation on a real and unique path to operational excellence.

You've probably ended up here through a link in our VFFS OEE Guide. (If not, you might want to download that as well.)

If you are working from our guide, then you know that we're offering a whole toolkit of resources including:

  • sample specifications for package, product and material
  • machine set-up worksheets
  • an online OEE calculator
  • observation & data collection worksheets
  • an excel workbook with a handy format for storing your data

That's the good news....the bad news is that we got a little ahead of ourselves and it's not all buttoned up yet. So here's what we'll do. Just let us know that you'd like us to send it to you when it's ready (we're hoping in a couple weeks) and we'll do so.